Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hay friends,

Just wanna tell you am still alive and breathing, coz some people are starting to think otherwise!

Missed you all and missed the blogs, but not as much as to start posting again :S

Best regards to you all,


Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Story

"No I wont let him."
"Why not? You love him, don`t you?"
"Ofcourse I do, I love him so much that i wont put him in that situation."
"Don`t you want to marry him? I know he does." Her friend told her.
"Yes i do." She sighed. "But I know my parents wont approve it."

She loved him so much that she wont let him be humiliated even by her parents whom she adores. That was all she has been thinking about in the last couple of days. She knew that the next time they`ll meet he`s gonna tell her he will propose. She didn`t know yet how to pervent him, but she had to.

That evening in her bed, she closed her eyes and remembered the first time they met. She could feel the warm breeze of the Italian shore, the taste of the vanilla icecream she was eating and her brother`s giggles on some joke. Thats when he came into the café and sat on the table in the corner. The first thing she noticed was his chin. It was the right shape, square under the mouth, just the way she likes it. Then his eyes. He was wearing glasses, but under them there were those intelligent and honest eyes. He looked at her. She immediately talked to her brother and acted as if she was in the middle of a conversation. After that, every time she glanced he was looking at her, not staring, just looking. His friend came and sat beside him but it was obvious that he was just disturbed by him.

From that day, every time they ran into eachother in the street, he would step aside to let her pass, and look back at her untill she disappears between people. Once, he entered a shop with his sister, she was there setting behind one of the shelves waiting for the shoe she ordered. He didn`t see her but she could hear him complaining about how much his sister loves shopping and how long it takes her to buy something. She recognized his voice and smiled . His sister came nearer and he followed. He saw her and his heart raced with happiness. He sat on the other chair and started talking about how comfortable the chair is and why wouldn`t his sister try all the shoes in the shop becouse indeed it will be a shame not to buy such nice shoes! She couldn`t manage but simle. He noticed and simled back.

It has been three years.

He was a great man. His only fault was he`s not from the same region she`s from, and that, from her parent`s point of view, was a taboo.

She`ll find a way to tell him, she thought. He will be hurt, but not as hard as she will, thats something she knew but she has to be strong. She wished he`ll have a better life without her, maybe a better wife, too! The thought broke her heart, but he deserved it.

He was her first love and she decided he will be her one and only one untill she gets married.

A random thought that could happen to anyone.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Back Home

Hay everyone, am back to Ryiadh but with no energy what so ever to post!! could anyone explain?
Hope it wont last for long, i like posting.
Hope you guys enjoyed your vacation and still are.

alia..(Thax God am back to my keyboard)

Monday, July 31, 2006







Thursday, July 13, 2006

Finally Out of here

Won`t be posting for a couple of weeks - as if its something new! Its time to get out if this mess, finally Zurich here comes ana..


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sorry Bella must break some rules

considering my circumstances am going to give myslef an exception. I`ll write 10 things about myself instead of 20. And while half of whom i know have already been tagged and the other half stopped tagging, i won`t be able to tag anyone!
so back to the subject, here comes ana:

1- Love Paris, Cannes and like Richonne.
2- Love shopping, speacially for shoes and rings.
3- hait onions.
4- Lova pastas, Nutella and Oreo.
5- Love reading.
6- Only book I`ve cried while reading is ''P.S I Love You''.
7- Generous.
8- Wish to be a mother to a baby girl one day.
9- Wish ot fly.
10- Wish to pierce the lower side of my mouth but mom won`t let me (i might thank her one day), i guess i WILL thank her one day!

OK now you know me..

Monday, July 03, 2006

A Long Post Describing A Long Experience

It started when I opened my drawer to get a watch before going out yesterday. Thats when i noticed one of my watches was missing, and it was one of my beloved watche. First thing i did is looking in my bags. Nothing. Then I opened the drawer again. The watch is missing. Its a reality! thats when the world began spinning around me. I looked in my room, in the other drawers, under the bed, in the bathroom, in the bathroom`s drawers, in the college`s bags (althoug i didn`t use them since before the exams) but there was nothing. I rushed to my mother`s room and asked her if she saw it. "No," she aswered, "i don`t remember the last time you wore it." Oh My God. I went back to my room and looked in the drawer again, the drawres below it. i even looked in the chocolate box that have been in my room for two days (I mean maybe. Who knows what i was thinking!). My brother often comes to my room to use some of my things. So it accured to me that he might be playing some game on me. The day befor he was feeling sleepy and i told him that there is a plastic bag in my dressing room filled with boxes of instant coffee, so maybe thats when he took the watch! I went to his room and asked him what kind of coffee he took (thought i would drag him to blow), he didn`t take any. He didn`t enter the room. Who took it! I want my watch. I love my watch. Its comfortable, its nice, its practicale, its BLACK (its the one i always wear in college if any of my colleagues is reading this). I want my watch.
I had to go out, but when i came back home the searching mission started again. This time i took out all the pants i wore the last couple of weeks and checked all the pockets.. Nothing.. When i felt tired, i sat infront of the T.V. sipping water from my bottle and decided to leave the matter to God. After al Fajer prayer and after my pre-going to bed rituals i thought about checking my tops, i don`t remember any of them having a pocket but who knows? Thats when i found a baby blue one with a tiny miny pocket. and when i put my hand in it... its there my watch.. i found my watch... i kissed it.. kissed it everywhere wore it and prayed two rak`as thanking God.

That night i slept wearing my watch, and its something i never do..